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About us

Assalamu Alaikum Wa-Rehmatullahi Barakatuhu !!! | Bismillah-Hirrahman-Nirrahim.


Hamza TV is an online platform which is specially developed for videos of bayanat of worldwide popular scholars of Islam.

We try to provide bayanat on every issue our brothers & sisters may have doubt on.

Here you can find videos of bayanat like…

….and many more.

At HamzaTV, every effort is made to provide best and latest videos of bayanat and discussion of popular scholars of Islam.


  • The purpose of this site is to provide you with the videos and bayanat of Islam without any trouble.
  • While being on the internet for last few years we found that it is easy to search and get any information related to Islam.
  • But, nowadays there are many spammers and haters working in background to manipulate these search results and our brother or sister having no or little awareness of internet world and these kind of monopolies may brought to somewhere where he/she is not intended to go or may present with the result he/she is not looking for at all.
  • Hence, we decided to build a platform like Hamza TV so that our brothers & sisters are not the part of those traps of haters of Islam (Inshaa Allah).

“ Talib Ul Ilm Farizatn Ala Kulli Muslimin ”

– (Mishkat P:24)

(Tarjuma: “Ilm Ka Haasil Karna Tamaam Musalman Mard Aur Aurat Par Farz Hai”).

“Logo! Ilm Ke Wapas Liye Janey Aur Utha Liye Janey Se Pehle Ilm Hasil Karlo.”

– (Musnade Ahmad).

 “Behtreen Sadqa ye hai ke koi musalmaan Ilm seekhe, phir apne musalmaan bhaai ko Sikhaye..”

– (Ibn-e-Maaja: 243)

Engage / Connect / Contribute

  • At Hamza TV, we are trying our best to provide videos that cover all the major issues and scholars of Islam.
  • We are constantly working on and adding new videos. But, since we may not cover everything, we are ready to submit your videos. 
  • Currently, we are adding videos from youtube. But still, there are many videos which are not uploaded on youtube or uploaded on other video platforms. We are always ready to add those videos. 

If you want to contribute then contact the administrator. You will be provided separate account and channel on Hamza TV.


Urge for Dua Contributors

  • Hamza Diwan (Gujarat, India). Founder,Developer
  • Arbaz Diwan (Gujarat, India). Developer
  • Ashraf Choudhary (Mumbai, India). Developer

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